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  • DeepWave Theme

    DeepWave An Anchor CMS Theme By Patrick Khoo DeepWave is a modern theme for Anchor CMS, but includes many advanced features without sacrificing simplicity. The theme is focused on the content, but metadata and other information of interest to the reader is not far away. The code is well documented and flexible. …

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  • DeepWave Markdown Syntax

    For information about the full Markdown syntax, please refer to Markdown's inventor, John Gruber Headings For each type of heading, just enter the correct number of hashes at the beginning of the line, as below: Heading 1 # Heading 1 Heading 2 …

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  • Hello World!

    And.. It's finally finished! Wow, tough job, migrating from WordPress to Anchor CMS. And creating a new theme at the same time. And hacking Anchor CMS to have some extra features that it doesn't have, but that WordPress does. You might wonder why I chose Anchor CMS instead of sticking with WordPress. Well, quite frankly, WP is just too co…

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