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  • How Could I Have

    Copyright © 1 March 2000 Mint Kang I’d seen Lindier in pretty bad states before, and today, that was, tonight, wasn't much different from the last few times. Tears were running openly down her face as I walked towards her, and she was making no effort to wipe them away. The collar lapels of her expensive maroon silk blouse were stained wetly. "Uh, Miss Lindier?&qu…

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  • Guilty Feelings

    Copyright © 1988 Patrick Khoo PFS Creative Prose Prize 1988 Puff! Puff! Beware The Devil’s Breath, Puff! Puff! Be Wary Of An Early Death. "This is the moment we have all been waiting for folks - the greatest and the best has arrived!" That’s right, the g…

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  • An Encounter

    Copyright © 1990 Patrick Khoo An Encounter, Full Of Beauty And Joy, But Only For A Moment, For Then It Is Gone, Leaving Only The Memory, And A Broken Heart. The sky was darkening and the wind was getting stronger. Cheng Bok was sitting contentedly at his table looking around hi…

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  • The Experiment

    Copyright © May 1993 Patrick Khoo "Have you seen experiment 3.55A.96?" "Yeah, it’s over there on that table." "Man did you hear what happened did last night?" "No, what happened?" "Those life forms we accidentally created yesterday started doing all sorts of funny thin…

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  • The Birds Are Singing A New Song

    Copyright © 3 May 1996 Patrick Khoo PFS Creative Prose Prize 1991 The first thing she heard when she opened the car door was the chirping of the birds. They were singing the same familiar tune that she had heard for more than 16 years. She looked around. The house she had called her home since she was able to talk, looked the s…

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  • Ice Kacang Celebration

    Copyright © Patrick Khoo "Hey Alex!" she called out to him. Alex turned around and looked at her. He was tall and dark, but not so much handsome as he was boyish looking. His dark skin came mostly from his many hours at the university pool. Swimming also gave him his broad shoulders and strong arms. It was in fact at the univ…

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