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  • Will You Ever Remember

    Copyright © 30 June 1992 Goh Ser Chong Days come and go, I took my car on a cold windy night, Bright star and a lovely moon, I remember those lonely nights, The day you left my arms, Only memories and a picture left behind, Bleeding wounds and shattered dreams, Maybe all we need was time it seems, …

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  • Moonlight Dawn

    Copyright © 6 September 1992 Goh Ser Chong Another day, another journey, Searching for the love like an endless story, So many tears falling from my faces, Losing your heart on an open ground, Nothing will hold you when you fall, Whatever have been lost, Will it ever be found, Pale light across the h…

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  • Believe

    Copyright © 1992 Goh Ser Chong Though it’s been long ago, Since you broke my heart, How could you go, Leaving nothing except a card, Watching the moon light up the night, Memories of the past keep haunting my mind, Closing my eyes shutting out the sight, Why can’t I leave you behind, How co…

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  • Untitled 1

    Copyright © 1992 Goh Ser Chong Will it ever end, Behind my every smile, there’s a sorrowful frown, Leaving the pale grey town, To roam the empty streets, Till the horizon meets, Somewhere, somehow will it ever end, Or do we have to keep on pretend, Even though the music has died, It wil…

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  • Untitled 2

    Copyright © 1992 Goh Ser Chong Remember the story, A precious gift for a special friend, Remembering the one you met here, Is more than I ever can, To ask for you to save a falling tear, Though the days are edging near, Shattered dreams are what we fear, For us to part and to save a memory, To …

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  • This One's For You

    Copyright © 22 April 1993 Goh Ser Chong See the water flow into the drain, Feel the teardrops change into rain, As the colour changes and fades away, The love flows, pass day by day, this one’s for you wherever you go, To bring back memories, And remember what we know, This one’s for you whatever…

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