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  • MyGallery To WordPress Converter

    This Code Is No Longer Maintained! Recently, I ranted about how WordPress did not give me a clear way to upgrade from external plugins like MyGallery to new features that have been absorbed into “core”. Finally, I decided to do something about it, and thankfully, everything is open sourced, and so I actually could do something about it. And now that I have, maybe I should make it a…

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  • WordPress Hide Dashboard Plugin

    This Code Is No Longer Maintained! In the course of setting up WordPress on DeepWave, I wanted a way where subscribers and editors/writers would not need to see the Dashboard in the Admin Control Panel. I noticed a number of people had suggested various hacks and changes in WordPress code to make this happen. But as we all know, we shouldn’t hack code because it would be a pain to up…

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  • Serene WordPress Theme

    This Code Is No Longer Maintained! With the changes to DeepWave.Net, a new theme was required (of course :) and so, Serene was born. A simple, clean and neat theme with widget support and easily customisable code. Includes a choice of 3 banner images, support for Hide Dashboard plugin, WP Ajax Edit Comments plugin and comments/trackbacks in Pages. Tested with Firefox 2, IE6 and IE7, mi…

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  • Hello World!

    And.. It's finally finished! Wow, tough job, migrating from WordPress to Anchor CMS. And creating a new theme at the same time. And hacking Anchor CMS to have some extra features that it doesn't have, but that WordPress does. You might wonder why I chose Anchor CMS instead of sticking with WordPress. Well, quite frankly, WP is just too co…

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