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I Think, Therefore, I Am Descartes

Descartes was right when he said that our existence was proven by our even thinking about our existence. However, his statement now gives rise to another deeper question: Who am I? I come from a small but fast growing South-East Asian country called Malaysia with roots in the resort island of Penang, the capital city Kuala Lumpur and now, the island city nation of Singapore. Currently, I work for Digital Artifact, whose main product is the DataSaver, as well as Opto Technica, which deals in service, support and logistics. My interests are reading, music, computers, photography, and other “nerdy” stuff. I have also been involved with Mensa since 1989 and am currently serving as the President for Mensa Singapore.

Computer Programming: Any decent computer science person will tell you that computers are really dumb, idiotic machines. Sigh, so we have to come up with cryptic, difficult to understand languages to tell computers what to do. Well, since studying my degree, I have been fortunate (or un-fortunate whichever way you look at it!) to have learnt the following languages and platforms and can program (at least decently okay) on them:

  • Linux Kernel Programming
  • Windows Device Drivers, System Services and DLLs
  • HTML, Javascript, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, RESTful APIs
  • Perl
  • C, C++
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Various other languages (BASIC, Visual Basic, Pascal, Batch/Scripts, RPG, Fortran, Cobol, SQL, Prolog, Lisp, Tcl/Tk)

System Administration: My main interest in computers is Networking, System Administration, Maintenance, Installation and Technical Support. Herein, I can administer, manage and provide consultation and training for computer systems based on the following Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft DOS, Windows 3.x
  • Microsoft Windows 95 onwards
  • Linux/Unix (Ubuntu, Gentoo, RedHat, SunOS, Solaris)
  • Apple Macintosh System 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, OS X onwards
  • Novell Netware (3.12, 4.1, 5)
  • IBM OS/2 Warp

If you've read this far, maybe you should go a little further and check out my Personal Professional Specifications.

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