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Below is a list of publications, press articles, presentations and events I have worked on. Do also check out the Articles and References section for non-fiction articles, or Writings and Musings for fiction work.

Digital Photography as a Hobby
Mensa Singapore Soapbox, 21 June 2008

Starting a Technology Company

55@SP, Singapore Polytechnic, 6 January 2006,
Video recording by Singapore Polytechnic

Local Invention that Resurrects Crashed PCs <br/> Today, 13 July 2004

Recovery Made Simple <br/> Computerworld Singapore, 7 July 2004

Data Recovery Solutions for Small Businesses <br/> The Business Times, 5 July 2004

Backing Up The Real World
Exabyte Partners Forum, 23 October 2003

Scientific Minds in Singapore
Agency for Science, Technology And Research (A*STAR) Explosion Magazine, Issue 6, October 2003

Data Storage Support for Grid Computing
Agency for Science, Technology And Research (A*STAR) Computing Grid Thematic Strategic Research Program Workshop, 22-23 September 2003

Data Storage is the Key to Business Success
Business Briefing: Data Management and Storage Technology, September 2003 World Markets Research Center

ComputerWorld Storage Dialogue 2003
ComputerWorld, 18 July 2003

Build your own Network Storage with DSI’s HyperSCSI
Data Storage Institute (DSI), Exploit Technologies (ETPL) and Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation (SITF) Joint Workshop, 9 July 2003

Introduction to Network Storage
Anglo-Chinese Junior College, 18 March 2003

Ethernet Network Storage: Getting More For Less
Marcus Evans Network Storage Technologies and Solutions 2003, 13-14 January 2003

Sir, This Is Your Microwave Oven Calling...
Singapore Science Center, 14 December 2002

Ethernet Network Storage - Yes, You can have it Now!
Image and Store 2002, 12 December 2002

HyperSCSI Touted for Low-cost SANs
Computer Weekly 360, 25 November 2002

Ethernet SANs
ComputerWorld, 22 November 2002

Ethernet Network Storage - Reality or Pipe Dream?
Patrick Beng T. KHOO, Wilson Yong H. WANG, Heng N. YEO, 11 November 2002

Ethernet Storage Trends and Overview
ComputerWorld Storage Forum 2002, 30 October 2002

Ethernet and Internet Protocol-based Network Storage
Business Briefing: Data Management and Storage Technology, October 2002 World Markets Research Center

What’s a Hard Disk and How Should I Organise My Files?
Mensa Singapore Chill and Chat, 11 May 2002

Introducing a Flexible Data Transport Protocol for Network Storage Applications
Patrick Beng T. KHOO and Wilson Yong H. WANG
10th NASA Mass Storage Systems and Technologies Conference / 19th IEEE Symposium on Mass Storage Systems, 15-18 April 2002

ComputerWorld Storage and Backup Dialogue 2002
ComputerWorld, 5 April 2002

Home-Networked Storage: The Heart of Your Future Home
Innovations Magazine, April 2002

The Heart of Your Future Home
Storage Unlimited, April 2002

The Future of Network Storage
SAN World 2001 Seminar, 21 November 2001

More Storage Protocols: eSCSI <br/> Network Computing Asian Edition, October 2001

Agnostic Architecture
ComputerWorld, 28 September 2001

Free to Choose, Room to Grow <br/> Computer Times, 12 September 2001

Life as a Research Engineer
NSTB Student Seminar - Nanyang Technological University, 11 September 2001

New Technology Widens Scope for Storage <br/> Asia Computing Weekly, 18 September 2000

Network Storage Technology: A Summary From The Field
TechPartnership Seminar, 7 September 2000

Can I Help You? - Exploring Your Technical Support Options <br/> NetWare Connection, October 1998

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