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Here are some photos in my collection. May you enjoy viewing them as much as I have enjoyed taking them. If you are interested, here is what I use.

My Portfolio / Personal Favourites
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Lego Piece of Peace (2017)
Marina Bay Sands (2014)
Gardens By The Bay (2014)
Marina Bay Sands (2012)
Ritz Carlton Hotel (2011)
Crowne Plaza Hotel (2010)
Singapore Cityscape (2009)
Night Safari (2008)
Shoot VI: Madame Tussauds (2014)
Shoot V (2013)
Shoot IV (2013)
Shoot III (2007)
Shoot II (2007)
Shoot I (2005)
Trip XV (2017)
Trip XIV (2015)
Trip XIII (2015)
Trip XII (2014)
Trip XI (2014)
Trip X (2012)
Trip IX (2010)
Trip VIII (2010)
Trip VII (2009)
Trip VI (2008)
Trip V (2007)
Trip III (2006)
Trip II (2005)
Trip I (2002)
Koh Samui
Trip II (2008)
Trip I (2006)
Hong Kong
Trip III (2017)
Trip II (2012)
Trip I (2004)
Philippines II (2017)
Philippines I (and KL) (2015)
Other Trips
KL (2017)
USA / NACS Show (2014)
The Mighty Mekong (2014)
Superstar Virgo (2010)
Perth, Asutralia (2003)
Film Scans
Pre-Digital Era (Before 2002)

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