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Celebrating over 20 years of web development

DeepWave.Net started out as a personal web page way back in 1993. It was hosted on my university’s Sun and NeXT servers. During those days, NCSA's Mosaic was the sole premier web browser. It was plain as web pages go, but later, there was an experiment called WIF - WebInterFace. WIF was designed to build an application entirely based on a web page and using Javascript to provide the necessary user interaction. Unfortunately, WIF had some serious bugs in it with Javascript on Netscape 2.x and Macintosh Netscape.

In 1997, the entire site was re-released as the Andromeda Express and was well supported in Netscape 4.x. In July 1998, the Andromeda express was re-released as version 2.1 at its new home at DeepWave.Net.

DeepWave 2

Eventually, with a Perl-based site management tool called the Web Pre-Processor, DeepWave.Net was re-released yet again as version 3.0 in December 1999, with some significant changes in the design of its user interface.

DeepWave 3a DeepWave 3b

At the end of 2006, a long overdue makeover for DeepWave.Net brought it to version 4.1. This involved a complete switch to using an excellent Blogging/CMS tool called WordPress, using my own Serene Theme and custom Hide Dashboard plugin.

DeepWave 4 with the Serene Theme

Finally, in 2014, after a long hiatus with no updates since 2008, DeepWave.Net has finally been updated with a new back-end and modern look, bringing it at long last to version 5.0.

(And now, in the voice of James Earl Jones)

This is DeepWave ...

I have stood on the shoulders of giants in order to reach the stars:

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